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Web Developer

I’m Gabriella Navarro


My name is Gabriella Navarro, I’m 34, I’m Web Developer and I create and reproduce layouts while turning them into functional and responsive web pages.
HTML, CSS, and WordPress are my passion, while UX/UI is my focus, always emphasising the details by providing an excellent experience for the user.
I also write for Content Marketing aiming the CRO with the best practices of SEO.
My excitement comes from working as a freelancer as well since I can work on exciting and different projects simultaneously.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and I worked for 12 years as a cultural and education coordinator at museums, developing projects for different audiences.
My goal as a coordinator was to find a simple and objective way to present the exhibition at a museum to those people and make then feel part of that.
I was responsible for the website content as well, email marketing and general graphic pieces.
In 2018 I finished a nanodegree in front end and I started to work as a developer.
I’m a very focused and accountable professional, I’ll not let you down.
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Web Designer and Developer

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Some Works as a Web Developer

The basis of my work

  • Clean Code
  • User Experience
  • Content
  • Mobile First
  • WordPress

Web Developer

My Skills.

I’m organized, focused, I know how to manage my time and how to prioritize tasks.
I’m excellent working alone but I love to work in a team with colleagues.
I have experience in work with different audiences so I know how it’s important to be understandable.










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